Mechanical Symphonies Vol. I

Mechanical Symphonies is Lone Star Armory’s 2023 flagship campaign. What drives our taste in cars? What runs our inspiration and realizations with our rifles, and what orients our finer senses with the watches we wear? This isn’t just a Team LSA thing though, this is an LSA Family thing as well. We’d like to tell a story, your story in particular, and your taste in Mechanical Symphonies

The common thread we all have running through all of us at LSA is cars, so that feels like a great place to start… what’s your daily driver, or that one special car that has special meaning to you?

In high school, I had a 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente, inherited when my great grandmother passed. It was four different colors, one being rust, but primarily Aztec Gold. It was the perfect car for an idiot kid like me, lost to an accident thanks to another idiot kid.

Decades later, I was unable to recapture that “first car magic” when I bought one and tried to restore it. I was a father and a pilot and the Comet became a chore.

Now? I drive a Mazda CX-9 SUV.

A Mazda! No kidding? What drew you to it in particular?

Mazda is a tiny company compared to its Japanese rivals Honda and Toyota, but Mazda punches way above it’s weight class. Every Mazda from the Miata to my CX-9 follows a driver-first design ethos (which their marketing department does a better job of explaining than I can)

You become part of the vehicle, and the vehicle becomes a part of you.

So let’s drill down a bit further… what of it “speaks” to you in a deeper-than-surface way?

The precision of the physical buttons, the crisp clicks of the rotary dial, the tight fit and finish of the interior, tight panel gaps, and gorgeous paint all scream “I cost $100,000”.

Then you drive one.

Pick one, anyone.

They’re all great.

They all say “Push harder. Brake later. Accelerate sooner. Try a tighter line.” You think you’re in a car that costs more than $100K. Then you double check the MSRP and Mazdas start at less than $23,000.

Mazdas just fit.

Let’s pivot the same over to a watch. I mean, you’re a pilot… there’s gotta be a story there, right?

A watch should be a simple tool, executed well, for a reasonable price. No unnecessary bells and whistles. I’ve tried aviator watches with built in E6B flight computers that cost thousands. I think they’re worthless.

Want to know your ground speed, heading, or fuel burn rate? Use a $20 mechanical E6B.

Want to know what time it is, and maybe the date? Look at your watch. I want to know what time it is, even in the dark, so I wear Luminox. It’s not flashy or expensive. It’s simple and elegant. There is precision and elegance in simplicity.

We can totally appreciate that! So I guess the most important question of the day… why LSA-designed and manufactured TX-series rifle?

When I was looking for a new AR, I did not want or have to upgrade any component of the rifle.


Add an optic, BUIS, WML, AFG and a suppressor? Sure.

Change any functional part of the rifle from the buffer spring to the trigger to the barrel? Nope. Never (well, maybe after 10,000 rounds or so…).

LSA delivered.

You see the craftsmanship in the components selected, the precision machining, and the exemplary fit and finish. LSA doesn’t just put together parts and make a rifle. Anyone can do that.

LSA makes what they can in-house with unparalleled precision and curates what they can’t from the finest companies in the business. Once LSA has all the parts and pieces, the magic begins, and it doesn’t end util you’ve fired your last round out of your LSA rifle.

I’d put the accuracy and durability of my TX4D up against rifles costing thousands more, knowing full well LSA would sit back, smile, and say “Send it.”

The short answer: I “met” y’all on Twitter through some people with serious credentials who recommended you. I called, talked about what I was looking for, got the proper feedback and information, and viola, I own a TX4D.

Then I randomly stopped by your factory. You’re truly a family. And I am happy to be a part of the LSA Family.

Photos provided by BW

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