Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code | 85XM2

Since our establishment through the present day, Lone Star Armory actively works with law enforcement agencies nationwide in the United States to facilitate the development, refinement, and optimization of firearms and training solutions tailored to the specific needs of patrol and tactical officers at various levels of law enforcement within the country.

These solutions encompass patrol rifles, sidearms, entry carbines designed for Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units and tactical response teams, sniper rifles, designated marksman platforms, and pistol-caliber submachine guns.

Lone Star Armory is steadfast in its commitment to partnering with law enforcement agencies to ensure the provision of reliable and dependable weapons to support officers in the most critical situations.

    • We stand behind the quality of all Lone Star Armory-produced platforms designated for duty-use, offering our enduring “Forever Warranty” to guarantee their performance and longevity.
    • In the unfortunate event of an Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS), Lone Star Armory is prepared to provide an interim replacement service rifle until the affected firearm is returned to active duty.

For additional information on how we can collaborate with your agency to facilitate the procurement of top-tier rifles and associated hardware, please complete the contact form provided below.


End user-driven carbine solutions oriented towards patrol applications, tailored to the specific needs of each individual agency, based on projected engagement envelope, policy, area of operations, governance requirements, individual officer needs, and more.


Covert and overt tactical rifle and personal defense weapon solutions for entry teams, protective security details, and sniper elements, offering unparalleled accuracy, ergonomics, and reliability across a variety of mission sets and scenarios.


Adaptive training programs and curriculum developed for law enforcement officers and special agents at the individual and agency levels in marksmanship, advanced weapon manipulation, tactics, vehicular operations, investigations, application of case law and precedent, close quarters battle (CQB), OSINT exploitation, crisis negotiation, and more.