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mission-tailored solutions

Lone Star Armory, a service-disabled veteran-owned entity, takes immense pride in harnessing military principles, training, extensive experience, and unparalleled expertise to continually expand the frontiers of firearms functionality and U.S.-based manufacturing. Our goal is to consistently deliver the most exceptional weapons systems and training solutions to both American and partner nation forces with efficient and customer-sensitive timelines. These offerings are firmly anchored in our innovative quality control processes and fortified by our extensive experience, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance.

Thoroughly evaluated by diverse military units in both special operations and conventional sectors, and continually refined through invaluable feedback, Lone Star Armory proudly extends the following specialized solutions to our domestic military clientele as well as to our esteemed foreign partner nations:

      • Service rifles (including Mil Spec and enhanced options)
      • Personal defense weapons and compact fighting systems
      • Precision sniping systems (featuring gas-operated and bolt-action variants)
      • Designated marksman rifles
      • Training solutions tailored for combat arms (available to Five Eyes and government-approved NATO partner nations exclusively)
      • Manufacturing and prototyping solutions to mature, accelerate, and enhance existing designs and platforms

Every solution crafted or provided by Lone Star Armory includes comprehensive technical documentation and materials, coupled with an integrated transition process that empowers end users and ensures long-term support for platforms and intangible software solutions. Our solutions can be procured as comprehensive packages, seamlessly integrated with additional accessories and training modules, all tailored to meet the unique and specific requirements of the procuring customer.


Lone Star Armory’s TX-series rifles encompass a comprehensive range, from full-length carbines to compact personal defense weapons, specifically designed to deliver exceptional performance, accuracy, and durability. These versatile firearms are engineered to meet and exceed the most rigorous standards for reliability, making them the ideal choice for deployment in both austere and non-permissive combat environments.


The bedrock of Lone Star Armory’s premier TX10-series large frame gas-operated and bolt-action sniping systems lies in their unparalleled precision and remarkable energy on target. These systems have been meticulously developed to excel in the realm of sharpshooting applications, with an unwavering commitment to uncompromised performance. Central to their design are LSA-manufactured barrels, subjected to rigorous inspection and processing to meet our most exacting standards for precision.


Lone Star Armory boasts a distinguished team comprising individuals with extensive backgrounds in both conventional and special operations forces. This highly skilled cadre draws upon their wealth of military experience, gained in both peacetime and combat settings, to provide world-class training solutions to Five Eyes and approved NATO partner nations. These solutions encompass a wide spectrum, including firearms and tactics employment training, armorer and gunsmithing courses, and various other offerings, all conducted under the regulatory oversight of the United States federal government.


Lone Star Armory has earned its reputation as a trusted source for manufacturing and white label solutions, serving a diverse clientele of customers and contractors throughout the United States. Our offerings encompass a broad spectrum, including USML-noted components such as firearms and munitions, as well as precision industrial components, simple and complex machinery, and more. Our solutions are meticulously crafted within workspaces that strictly adhere to the most stringent standards of ISO compliance for manufacturing excellence.


For inquiries on our military production, training, and procurement capabilities, Lone Star Armory’s Defense directorate can be reached directly by emailing defense@lonestararmory.us. Questions can also be fielded via Lone Star Armory’s primary point of contact including through our main offices in Fort Worth, TX.

Please note that military materiel and other goods that fall under the purview of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) are legally mandated to adhere to and complete the standard protocols necessary for export, as prescribed by the pertinent government regulatory authorities. These comprehensive protocols encompass the full spectrum of export-related procedures, including documentation, licensing, and compliance with stringent security measures to ensure the controlled and lawful transfer of ITAR-governed materials and products beyond United States borders.