9-Hole Reviews: Anatomy of the Semi Automatic Sniper System (SASS): Featuring the Lone Star Armory TX10 DM Heavy

“In this video we explore the technical and performance requirements for the 7.62×51 semi-automatic sniper system (S.A.S.S.) as designated by the U.S. Army, and see how a top-of-the-line commercially produced AR-10 variant stacks up against the KAC M110. (The LSA TX-10)”


 Valor Magazine: Interview with US Army veteran, Andrew Brady

“We sat down with the founder and President of Lone Star Armory, Andrew Brady. You will enjoy this one!”


Guns America: Lone Star Armory Light DM – Full Shooting Review

“Today, we are taking a look at that “dream of” part. One of the other things we have seen on the rise is smaller, boutique rifle makers, creators of products that are stunning in detail. From Lone Star Armory, we got our hands on the TX15 Designated Marksman Light. Lone Star Armory (LSA) is a company many of you are not familiar with. Founded in 2006 in Fort Worth, TX, LSA set out to be something different.”

Click here to read Clay Martin’s article on the TX15 Designated Marksman Light.


9-Hole Reviews: Lone Star Armory MPC 5.56 – Sub MOA Tack Driver (Josh’s Competition Rifle)

“If you scour the internet, basically everyone will claim their AR can shoot sub 1″, sub 3/4″, sub 1/2”, etc. groups. Thing is, that’s just not what we’ve seen out of most rifles. In a 9-shot grouping, most of our “precision” AR grouping sizes have landed at around 1″. But what happens when you get a complete custom gun with a barrel turned in-house by the shop like this one from Lone Star Armory? Well, a rifle that has put up some of the best groupings of a 5.56 gas gun that we’ve seen on the show. Oh, we should also mention that this is probably the flattest and fastest you can get an AR as well, with completely tuned gas and internals.”


Carpe Sus-Hog Hunting and More: Lone Star Armory TX15 MPCE .264 LBC (Grendel), Testing 6 Factory Loads

“We test LSA’s TX15 MPCE with 6.5 Grendel Ammo.”


16″ AR15 to 800yds/ 5.56: Practical Accuracy (Josh’s Competition Rifle)

Josh’s sponsored 3-gun competition rifle, the Lone Star Armory “Multi-Purpose Carbine” It’s a fully loaded 16in barreled rifle built with accuracy in mind. Josh shooting it with fast controlled pairs even at extended ranges.


1911 Syndicate: Bruiser Industries Shows Us His Top 5 Guns

Today, Joe Dawson of Bruiser Industries shows us the 5 guns he would take from his collection if he had to narrow it down to 5. He had a very strategic approach, one I think folks could learn from, enjoy! 

Featuring the TX15 MPC Bruiser Edition.

Lone Star Armory: An Inside Look At Premium Firearms Manufacturing -The Firearm Blog (Will Peck)

“If you head southeast toward Arlington from the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, you will soon come to a small industrial park just off of Highway 287. Nestled in with several other businesses including a manufacturing company and machine shop, a laser etching/engraving operation, and a metal and Cerakote finishing service, you will find a premium firearms manufacturer: Lone Star Armory. Founded in 2006, LSA’s Texas-proud DNA is comprised of critical lessons learned from warfighting and law enforcement, a heritage of competition shooting and auto racing, and an obsessive passion for the pursuit of absolute excellence in every aspect of the mission, right down to the minutiae of every individual component or process.”

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