Excellence in All That We Do

(September 17, 2021)

My name is Andrew Brady and I’m the President of Lone Star Armory.

My years of experience acquired through military deployments, law enforcement exposure, and competitive shooting, are what drive me to build nothing but the best firearms to benefit each and every Lone Star Armory customer, from recreational shooters to law enforcement, and everyone in between.

Excellence in all that we do at LSA is our obsession.

We’re passionate about learning from others and their experience to continually add to our knowledge and understanding of the wide range of customer requirements across a diverse spectrum of fields.

The Lone Star Armory team is thus committed to ensuring that every firearm we deliver is manufactured with nothing less than the highest precision equipment, and all products are custom assembled and tested for the intended application identified by individual customers. Every firearm is designed and manufactured with the knowledge and experience that guide us on which components work, which don’t, and why.

Every firearm that leaves Lone Star Armory, be they for hunting, competition, or duty, is built to withstand all the rigors of real-world use and application. Rest assured, the firearms that we manufacture and the accessories that we recommend are those that we absolutely entrust our lives to. These are weapons without compromise, manufactured, custom assembled and tested in the United States.


Andrew Brady


Phone (direct): 1 (817) 988-4716
Email: Andrew@LoneStarArmory.us