Stand 1 Armory 223 .62gr “Run ‘n Gun” – Remanufactured (Qty. 50 rds)


62g Run ‘n Gun: This practical competition ammo features Hornady projectiles, and is loaded to match standards.  It is designed to work perfectly with BDC reticles built for M855 ammo, like the ACOG and ACSS, and to allow center-holds at the various distances on the optic.  Incredibly consistent, this round is equally at home in precision and practical settings, and is just the thing for running and gunning in tactical-style competitions.

These projectiles do not contain a hardened steel penetrator core and are not tipped with green paint.  They do not damage steel targets or bullet traps.

We regularly get feedback on our .223 claiming that it shoots better than factory ammo. Each case is cleaned, sized, prepped and trimmed to exacting standards and then reloaded with only premium products.  We are confident that you will find this to be the best looking and best shooting .223 that you will find.

Ammo in Bulk boxes is loosely packaged in a sealed bag.

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