Gear: The little things sometimes matter just as much as the big, especially when it could be your life, the life of your partner, or the lives of your family and friends on the line.

Tactical Gear, such as armor carries, chest rigs, belts, holsters, etc., are the tangible things that you could potentially trust your life with. Don’t compromise, especially where it matters.

All of the gear in this section has been hand selected and rigorously tested by our staff, with well over 6 decades of experience in all facets of the industry.

Every rifle, whether it will be used for hunting, competition and sporting purposes, self-defense, or MIL/LEO applications is built as if WE would be stepping onto a 2-way range with it in our hands. We have the same stringent requirements for the gear and equipment we use. Alas, we encourage you to feel the greatest confidence that any items here, or elsewhere on our website, will serve you rightfully in your tasks while lasting a lifetime.

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