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LSA’s most accurate platform, the TX15 Designated Marksman Light (DML) series, sets the standard for small frame semi-automatic precision rifles everywhere.

Building off foundational lessons learned during the development of our Multi Purpose Carbine, the DML is optimized for mid-range shooting. The DML utilizes a match grade barrel that that is contoured, threaded, and chambered in our facility from a Bartlein blank. The longer barrel means increased velocity and a heavier barrel grants more consistent accuracy.

The DML also features an adjustable rifle stock, providing the ergonomics and stability needed for precision shooting. From varmint hunting to providing overwatch, the Designated Marksman Light rifle series will exceed accuracy and reliability requirements at every level and is complete with our Forever Warranty.

Lone Star Armory is proud to offer Military and LEO pricing. LSA rifles are handcrafted, expert-tested, and ready for shipping to your nearest FFL.  Also available for in-store pickup.

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