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Lighthorse Tactical

Lighthorse Tactical, LLC is a training company focused on the legal application of tactics, techniques, and procedures. The proper application of these “TTP’s” is based on the user’s own daily world. What works for a SWAT Team on a hostage situation may not be applicable for a Citizen in a parking deck. Our training is based on relevance and realism.

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American Keystone Tactics

American Keystone Tactics is a tactical training group located out of Central Pennsylvania with an instructor cadre comprised of Green Berets from the coveted Commanders Response Force (CRF) who have matured their skill sets and abilities at courses such as SFARTAECT and SFSC. 

AKT offers training in CQB, long range and sniper-oriented shooting, mobility and vehicle dynamics, and combat medical care.

All of AKT’s Military Instructors have multiple deployments to regions around the world. Some of the deployment countries include Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Jordan, Germany, France, Thailand, Niger, Chad, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more.

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Eaglhead Training Group

Eaglehead Training Group is a Veteran owned and operated company that focuses on firearms, medical, and tactical training.  We’re fueled by the desire to pass on hard lessons learned from events that have occurred stateside and abroad in our own professional careers.  Our training programs are developed from over 30 years of combined Military and Law Enforcement experience.

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Holistic Solutions Group

Holistic Solutions Group (HSG) was founded in 2019 by full-time law enforcement and US military personnel with decades of tactical operations, counter-terror, fugitive apprehension, and patrol experience to bring critical lessons learned and industry best practices to larger audiences across the United States

HSG’s cadre have logged and continue to log thousands of operational hours across various agencies and task forces, and have spent considerable time maturing, developing, and training on industry-leading tactics and procedures at renowned schoolhouses such as the Direct Action Resource Center.

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Lone Star Medics

Lone Star Medics is a training and consulting company based out of Dallas, Texas that provides services around the globe. The goal of LSM is to provide applicable, professional medical education to our students. Our professional consulting services provide clients with realistic, simple solutions for intricate problems. Since 2009 LSM has trained several thousands of people of all ages in field and tactical medicine. While most of our focus is on working with the layperson with little to no formal “first aid” training; we do offer specialized courses and consulting suited for healthcare professionals, providers, and product manufacturers. LSM offers several classes in what we like to call “field medicine” or “tactical medicine.”

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GreyBeard Actual

GreyBeard Actual LLC is a service disabled veteran owned small business. We provide advanced training in firearms, tactics, and combatives to law enforcement, military, private security contractors, and responsible armed citizens. Our training model draws on decades of operational, competitive and instructional experience, and our sole goal is to enable our students to master their craft as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Condition Gray

Condition Gray is composed of experienced counterterrorism professionals from both the military and law enforcement community we also blend our staff with critical thinking analysts whose understanding of the intelligence cycle is often overlooked by the tactical “hands on-side” of the community. Condition Gray fuses these two unique aspects of true counterterrorism work to create a force multiplier effort that creates efficiency for everyone from the operator on the ground right through the executive policymakers. It is our diversity that helps agencies create intelligent tactical operators and tactically sound analysts thus offering these two professions to seamlessly integrate and train armed with the common vernacular and overall operating picture needed to drive operations during the multitude of possible attack scenarios we face in modern-day law enforcement. 

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