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Born of simple expediency, Lone Star Armory traces its roots back to 2006, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the United States Army. From these foundational events, LSA grew to accommodate a broader need. Hunters, Warfighters, Law Enforcement Officers- all have provided valuable insight and information, shaping the evolution of Lone Star Armory’s products. Today, Lone Star Armory is a Precision Weapons Manufacturer located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. Every firearm is designed with real world input and experience, and crafted with professional mechanical expertise. Lone Star Armory’s solitary priority is to provide a ruthlessly pragmatic end product. Likewise, ancillary products such as optics and accessories are selected based upon real world experience and a rigid set of standards that does not allow for second best. We believe that products should be designed to meet end user needs, and that end users should not have to conform to the limitations of their tools. Weapons without Compromise, made in the Republic of Texas.

Industry Partners

Spiritus Systems started as an idea on the side of a mountain in the Hindu Kush: an idea that we could do this better, that we could care about it more, and that we could do it with integrity. This idea was cultivated in B Huts after missions and scribbled down into notebooks under headlamps across multiple combat deployments. We strive everyday to design and manufacture equipment that exceeds the users’ expectations and pushes past the industry status quo. All of our equipment is designed with an end state in mind. We spend time with users of various walks of life to form an educated and accurate picture of their needs. Our design philosophy calls on our own military service, user feed back and experience, as well as our advanced United States based manufacturing techniques to bring quality equipment to the marketplace.

Lone Star Medics offers field and tactical medical training and consulting services around the world.  Our goal is to provide applicable medical training for you and your operational environment.  Our professional consulting services are capable of providing options and solutions for your specific requirements.

Shooter Performance Institute is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business dedicated to the creation of unique training solutions for both military and law enforcement agencies.

One differentiator of SPI’s approach to training is the on-site presentation of precise applications that have been tested and executed around the world. The end state is a well-trained officer/operator that develops the capability to complete the task at hand using the resources provided him/her and to return home safe each and every night.

“As a student, I understood my deficiencies and the instructors showed me how to correct them with simple, understandable explanations.  As an instructor, I now have tools to pass on to others.”

SPI Coaches have a combined (50) years in Military Special Operations and (30) years in Law Enforcement Special Operations with a combined (800) plus High Value Target missions overseas serving on the National Command Authority Task Force and (4000) plus training and real world breaches. Our coaches have advised national level SWAT and EOD teams and conducted vulnerability assessments for Department of Homeland Security. They have taught, instructed and mentored units in US Army Special Operations Command, Naval Special Warfare Command, Department of Homeland Security, Other Government Agencies (OGA) and Law Enforcement departments/agencies on active shooter circumstances, pistol performance, carbine performance, long range target interdiction, automatic weapons, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Master Breacher, Linear Assaults, High Risk Warrant Services, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), hostage rescue, target management and command leadership/decision making thought processes.

Schmidt & Bender is a synonym for quality and precision, for tradition and innovation. As early as 1957 the family business engaged in the development, production and optimization of riflescopes that always meet the ever increasing requirements in this segment.

Since that time a great amount of passion, ingenuity and a strong awareness for quality, together with a close and successful cooperation with the shooters have always contributed towards accomplishing that goal. Thus Schmidt & Bender has become one of the leading suppliers of precision scopes in the world.

Schmidt & Bender. Founder & Forerunner. Hunting & Fascination. Quality & Precision. Tradition & Innovation. Synonyms for a company supplying high-quality hunting scopes on a global scale.

Something which today may sound rather natural must be attributed in the first place to the hard work and zeal of the two founders who launched their “Project Passion” in 1957. In that enterprise the initial rather poor means in terms of the available materials did not impede precision mechanic Helmut Schmidt and master precision engineer Helmut Bender in any way. Quite the opposite: employing a considerable portion of heart and soul as well as a lot of ingenuity and the utmost skills of their craft they laid the foundation for the path they pursued to become the world’s top scope suppliers – among which the company ranks today.

50 years later Schmidt & Bender still is a family business that will soon continue to pursue the values and traditions of the two founders in the third generation.

Since each hunter, each hunt and each climate has its own specific requirements, Schmidt & Bender offers a wide variety of different scopes in two product lines: the Klassik series, perfected through model updates and continuing development over many years, epitomizing the traditional style in form and function. And the future oriented Zenith series, expressing without doubt progress and aesthetic awareness.

Here are the strong points of these two series in further detail: basic solidity and resistance of the main tube. Abrasion-resistant, precious looking anodized surface finish. Reliable function of all mechanical parts. Optics, designed and manufactured to the latest requirements, as well as multiple coating finishes, developed in accordance with the latest findings with respect to thin film technology. The user may select between scopes with constant and variable magnification, different main tubes, with or without rails and with a great number of reticles.

A propos, the latest progress in Schmidt & Bender illuminated reticle technology and the new Convex internal rail are additional proof of our development team’s creativity and the close contact with the users of our products.

Whether in the heat-simmering savannah of Africa, in the cold deserts of Alaska or the raw landscapes of the European North: with their proverbial solidity and reliability the scopes of these two series will always be your ideal partner for a fascinating hunting experience.

Why we have equipped the Schmidt & Bender reticle illumination with an automatic switch-off function is rather easy to explain. Many of our employees are passionate hunters themselves, collecting their own experiences and those of hunter friends and clients all over the world. Systematic developing activities, extensive practical testing and regular talks with rifle producers, gunsmiths and shooters also help in finding the right solutions. Innovative and in the most practical applications.

These processes are particularly safe since they are all conducted following the strictest regulations of the DIN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, from design via manufacturing up to after-sales services. Thus our employees at Schmidt & Bender always meet a requirement they have asked themselves to comply with, i.e. to not only meet the requirements of the customers, but to exceed them.

Spuhr is a small company in Sweden dedicated to innovative firearms solutions for mainly military and police use. We never copy anyone else, we invent newer and better solutions to well known problems or don’t produce the product at all.
Innovation and Craftmanship

WieBad, LLC was founded around a campfire on a hunting trip to Terlingua, Texas. The owners were thinking of improvements to support products that would make their life easier in the world of precision rifle shooting. Since then, WieBad, LLC has evolved into a Tactical Accessory and Nylon gear manufacturer. If you’re shooting in unconventional positions, Wiebad has the gear you’re looking for; rear bags, steady rest bags, slings, etc.

With well over 20 years experience in machining and rifle building,
our attention to detail shows in each of our products as well as our customer’s and team shooter’s success.
Our barrels and shooting accessories really are made for shooters, by shooters. Every chance we get, we are out on the range shooting alongside our customers. Our rifle barrels continue to be in some of the top match placings around the country and our accessories are quickly becoming a necessity for shooters.

American Precision Arms

The word custom is thrown around these days so much that very few even understand what having a custom gun is really about. We believe it is about delivering the customer exactly what they want in a firearm, and though it may be a painstaking process on our part, we take pride meeting the expectations of our customers by providing them with exactly what they desire. This is our mission.

The Precision Rifle Series is a yearly points race for several series including the PRS Bolt Gun Series, PRS Gas Gun Series and the PRS Club Series. The intent is to provide a national framework as the aggregation point for local, regional and national matches, tracking of scores and the growth of the practical, long range rifle discipline. By providing structure and governance the growth of the discipline has been exponential since the PRS was launched in 2011 thanks to the exceptional coalition of the match directors, shooters and sponsors participating in the PRS.

The outlaw nature of the sport has made this a very unique collection of matches in all of the series. Matches are run very differently, focus on different fundamentals and include a vast number of stressors, no two matches are the same! This provides for regional variances that are unique and very challenging. Texas and Oklahoma matches are far different from the west coast and east coast matches and allow the shooter to really test the full extent of their capabilities by participating in various series, styles and regions.

Born out of Military, Law Enforcement and Hunting scenarios, the practical application of the precision rifle is the underlying theme for all series. Whether you are looking for a local club to join, wanting to compete with America’s favorite rifle the AR-10/15 or you want to test your self against the best shooters in the nation and the world, the Precision Rifle Series has a spot for you.

Infinity Finishing Services is an ISO 9001 Compliant metal finishing company and a Certified Cerakote applicator that offers plating and coating services for industries such as firearms, aerospace, automobile, oil-field, and more.

At Infinity Finishing we take pride in providing quality products with competitive pricing and quick lead times.